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  • Independent Production and Project Studio
  • Music Academy
  • Youth Orchestra

Imagine a Studio unlike any other that will bring MUSIC and FILM to life in communities we serve and across the globe. Educators and artists alike can actually earn a living using their gifts and talent.

Vision - Vivanco Studios and the Children's Academy for Performing Arts
Project Studio. Music & Media Academy. Youth Orchestra. 

Our vision is to be more than just a project studio. Our goal is to become integrated in the communities we serve and provide a venue for film, music and arts education.

Project Studio will stay Vivanco Studios!
Currently we are a small independent production group, producing for independent artists and film/video projects from concept to completion and original music composition for underscoring and corporate logos.  Some of our clients include Inspire Film Company, Derek Anthony Gray, and Digital Video Enterprises. Please contact us for customized rates.

Derek Anthony Gray - Taker By Nature - Single - Taker By Nature
Our long term vision is to open a high tech facility for producing, training and music instruction. We are to become the leader in producing new media, new music and new talent for today's digital media and content distribution. We are in process of discovering unconventional distribution outlets. We will be featured on-line, on-screen and on the radio. Various artists' works will be distributed digitally. Investors have joined us per project, based on scope and artist selection.

Music and Media Academy is now the "Children's Academy for Performing Arts"!
Our goal is to provide a music academy for children of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds, giving students equal opportunity to learn in a fun and cutting edge environment.  The journey will begin on existing campuses, partnering with preschools, after school programs and community centers.  Our first three courses will include "The Guitar Workshop" for elementary age through early teens, the "Music Club" for preschoolers, and "The Art of Sound" for tech directors and sound engineers.  In the future we will add other instruments and other media courses.

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Youth Orchestra is now the "Children's Academy for Performing Arts"!
Our community youth orchestras will launch in the near future. Our goal is to build a database of students and journey with them as they grow in their abilities. Funding will be assisted by the "National Endowment for the Arts" and various foundations. We will be able to provide equal opportunity for all students within the communities we serve. Hiring leading directors to care for and direct our youth will be top priority. Affordable lease to own, rental and purchase option instruments will be provided to the students with the assistance of the foundation.

Humble Beginnings
Growth will happen humbly and slowly. We are currently self funded and will expand as our financial base increases. Please contact for more information about our company, instructors and programs or for further questions on how to enroll your child at one of our supporting schools/community centers.

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